Our Sheltie pups are all socialized with

small children and adults.

We enjoy our shelties very much! >

Shelties come with thick coats, long coats,                                              short coats & long and thick coats!

Even though it is just one coat, I'm going                                                      to describe it in a way we can understand it.                                                       

The shorter coat, some call "rough".                                                                                             This coat is thick and not too long, very pretty

The longer coat, some call this"smooth".                                                                                       This coat is long, but not thick, very pretty also

A thick Under and long Outer coat is the required                                                       coat for the show ring, the exception being agility.                                                                       A thick and long coat, can be hard to keep brushed.


Welcome to my Website!

 (updated March 22, 2014)  

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I have been raising Shetland Sheepdogs  for the last 15 years

Shelties are a great pet and companion for families or just one person alike

The Sheltie is great for a family with young children or for the elderly living alone

They are easy to train and very intelligent.

The coloring of the Shelties below are Blue Merle - Callie / tri-headed white - Riley / Tri - Daisy / Sabel - Sapphire/ Sable - Precious /Bi-Blue Merle - Checkers / tri - Cricket

Talking about standing or sitting at attention! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Me Next.........

  Can't wait to get the beacon!

First Snowfall of 2014 in January


This is in my back yard, Checkers, Cricket, Faith, Topaz, Callie, Riley, & Precious


Awww, come on, lets play. This is Checkers and Kit. ok, they did play.......


This is Riley, he is a tri-headed White. He is just a wonderful friend, he rules the yard....


Bacon is so good! Just waiting!!!

Shelties are just great dogs!

September 2011, yep, it is beginning to cool off!!!!!

a nice walk next to the pond....


please, please, throw it now.....


Now, you know, it's mine.... give it back.... I want to chase it..... 


Riley & Precious (Riley's & Beady's pup) aren't we just handsome fella's!

Awwww, what a great hug!

The Sheltie comes in three different sizes:

They are measured at the shoulder

Small - below 13 inches

(these are great lap dogs!)

Medium or Standard - 13 to 16 inches

(This is the size for the show ring; agility is the exception in-which shelties can be any size)

Large - over 16 inches, can be up to 20 inches!


They come in many colors: 

Sables, Tri's, Blue's, Bi's, Sable/Merles...etc. 

I raise all colors and sizes

Show Quality and Pet Quality

Please Enjoy Your Stay!