Dogs I've sold






The is Merle

 Willow is 1 years old here

Keaton, an awesome young man!

Duffy, Checkers pup

  Zues & Wiggles Precious pups

 first time sheep herding

 a great Christmas








This is Checkers and Riley's pup

 Henry bought in 2009                      Birdie, Blossums pup


Molly as a pup and 4 month old above // below Molly 2 years old (Blossums pup)


Bryce                                                             Dixie


Keaton, Trixies' pup (1st as a pup / 2nd year old)


Nora, Blossums pup

Above & Below is Annie (center pic), she is a thearpy dog.

Quite a few of the pups I've sold have gone on to be thearpy dogs!

Ryley                                      Indie


Jayne is Princes new owner, her email is: 804-536-6993 Prince is still being used as a stud.

Sweetpea and Brandy

Swetpea jumping

Brandy, Abby, Sweetpea, (Sables out of Tiny & Goldie) & Angel