Pricing & Information


I charge $950.00 dollars for my puppies.

 $100.00 dollars of which is non-refundable

I will take deposits of at least $100.00 down and the rest when you pick up your puppy.

If you choose, I will microchip your puppy for $25 dollars

Or you can pay in full.

I give full registration

I do not require that you spay or neuter your puppy, but I do strongly encourage you to, if you are not going to breed responsibly.

I require a contract to be signed according to the AKC policy.

I give the first shots, they are vet checked, wormed, and there dew claws are removed.

All puppies are socialized with young children and adults.

I have a money back  guarantee  on health up till the 1st vet check, which I expect to be done within the 1st week after you take the puppy or puppies home.

After one week there is no money back guarantee, though in most cases I still honor it up to a year

If something happens and you cannot keep your puppy I expected to be contacted so that I might take them back or find another home for them

I like to stay in contact with those who buy puppies, I enjoy getting photos as they grow up. Your puppy could be on my web page.

My contract reads as follows:

Buyer / Seller Contract Payment Agreement

This agreement, made this __ day of                , ____     is between

(Seller) Susan Bane  (C) 804-305-2106

or Sara Smith (C) 804-246-4470

625 The Trail, Saint Stephens Church, VA


Address: _                                                                                            

Phone#_                             _ Email:                                                     

This contract of adoption is for a Shetland sheepdog, AKC registered, Male / Female


Color: _              Birth weight                       Whelped:                         


Sire: ___                                             Color: __                                      


Dam: ____                                       _ Color:                                            


The buyer agrees and binds him/herself to take good and reasonable care of puppy/dog.


Purchase Price

The purchase price of the puppy/dog will be $__950.00____($100.00 non-refundable)

Deposit   $    100.00_____________________ (cash:__ Check#: ___ PayPal: __)

Balance: $     800.00    ______________________ (cash:__ Check#: ___ PayPal: __)

Due before the puppy is taken & AKC papers are given unless otherwise stated below.


Comments:  If paid by PayPal, there will be added $1. to the price for every $100 dollars paid 

_ If paid by invoice on PayPal, there is an extra cost of $30.(thirty) dollars   ______________


I have a money back guarantee, minus the $100.00 dollar deposit, on the health of the puppy, up to the 1st (first) vet check done by the buyer. This is to be done within the first month of receiving the puppy. After this period, there is no guarantee of the return of the purchase price of the puppy.


The puppy will have had his/her 1st (first) shot, be vet checked, and will be wormed if needed.


If for any reason the buyer cannot keep the puppy/dog or decides to sell the puppy/dog. They will contact the seller and give the seller the first opportunity to take back or buy back the puppy/dog at a reasonable price.


Seller’s signature: _                                          _________________________


Buyer’s signature: ________________________________________________


Vaccinations:                          (5 way puppy shot) Distemper/Adenovirus Type 2/Parvovirus/Parinfluenza


Worming: _                                                                                                             


Date of Vet Check: _                                                                                              


Comments:  eating Purina Puppy Chow with colors - switch food on a three day schedule: 1/3-2/3, ½-1/2, 2/3-1/3